Benham Falls Plus A Bonus!

Mike Jensen Photography In Winter

I took a rare trip to Benham Falls yesterday with my good friend Phil Fisher.  A rare trip because usually in early January you need snowshoes or a snowmobile to get in to the location we shot from.

Yesterday it was low 50’s and barely any snow on the ground.  We first went to the overlook and I shot some stills and video while Phil did his best “Smith Rock” moves on the hill going down to the riverbank.  After we finished at the overlook we took a safer route down to the riverbank which in most months of the year we wouldn’t even get close to as the water would be raging along.

_CJL2853-EditOn our way home we were treated to a beautiful crescent Moon nestled in-between the boughs of some Lodgepole Pine Trees.  It made for a very nice bonus shot!