Full Moon Photoshoot at Lava Butte

Mike Jensen Cascade Mountains, Featured Photo Gallery, Photography In Winter

Last night after a very enjoyable annual holiday dinner with my friends at the Cascade Camera Club, I decided to take a little full moon hike for a photoshoot at Lava Butte.


The first thing I immediately noticed is that there is no discernable path in the dark and when partially covered with snow.  Under a full moon, clear skies and relatively mild temperatures (20’s) I trekked into the lava field at Lava Butte.  I knew where I wanted to be.  There’s this tree out in the middle of nowhere which would be a good anchor for my HUGE SKY shot.  I also wanted a nighttime panorama of the Cascades to add to my portfolio.  After glancing at the photos, I know I want to go back during a half moon or perhaps a crescent moon.  Just needing enough light to illuminate the mountains while allowing the twinkle of the stars to come through.