Moonrise Over Pine Trees

Mike Jensen Photography In Winter

The moon rise this morning (Jan. 25, 2014) came at the perfect time.  I was up early and as usual, walked out to get the paper.  My wife and I noticed a bunch of the planets (Star & Planet identification class in my future) and I noticed the moon was rising at such an angle that it might lend itself to a cool photo of the moon nestled in the pine branches.

I’d tried this just by chance on my out from Benham Falls a few weeks ago.  It turned out pretty good with a crescent moon.  This morning it took 38 shots to get something I was happy with from both an exposure and DOF (Depth of Field) perspective.


Now, unless the tonal values of the sky and the moon are absolute perfect it’s hard to get everything in focus.  The light wasn’t just perfe


ct, and oh by the way, it was 10 degrees while I was working this scene.    As you can see, I’ve worked up the images above in Photoshop.  The one on the left is as it was shot, then with a red tonal tint.  The one on the right is a deep black & white with a bit of vignette.

The image on the right was taken at just the perfect time.  It’s a blend of two images.  One with the branches in focus, and the other with the moon in focus which caused the branches to blur out.  I blended in the blurred branches with the focused branches to give it a bit more eery effect.