Photographing an Old Western Town

Mike Jensen New Mexico

In mid October I had the opportunity to photograph an old western town here in New Mexico. We arrived about 20 minutes before sunrise and were treated with some of the best light!
The shot on the right was taken before sunrise. There was a great fog in the foothills in the background.

As the sun came up over the plains of New Mexico I moved my tripod around the old western church to capture almost every angle and view. Being a big fan of starbursts I knew I wanted to try a couple shots as the sun shined through the old windows of the church. I was not disappointed.
  • Old Western Church
  • Old Western Church
Complete with a church, multiple stores and places of business, a saloon, Wells Fargo, hitching posts and even some tumbleweeds this western town had been the home to the filming of dozens of old and new western movies! I took advantage of this tremendous opportunity to add to my inventory of “really cool shots”. That’s a technical photography term! If you’d like to view all the shots, go to