Photographing Iceland In Summer

Mike Jensen Iceland, Night Photography

There’s not much that can prepare you for photographing Iceland In The Summer, or any other season for that matter.  Iceland is entirely another world.  About twice the size of the big island of Hawaii (my guess), we found it very pleasant to visit and travel in.  The BEST thing about getting to Iceland is traveling on Icelandic Air.  Not only does the government subsidize your trip (for up to 7 days). So, it’s cheep for us traveling to or thru Iceland and a bit more expensive for the Icelandic people who want to travel to the US or Europe.
Icelandair has a great scheme going. They make it really inexpensive (as low as $250 or 15000 ISK roundtrip in the low season) to fly roundtrip to Iceland from Boston or New York. That way they get the tourists here cheaply. Those tourists then dish out the dough on hotels, rental cars, and tours. And much of the Icelandic tourist industry is controlled by Icelandair’s sister companies. SourceTHE ICELAND REPORT

traveling with camera gear

I took a “medium” sized photo gear bag on this trip (combined with a trip to Norway).  This included one camera body, three lenses and an assortment of filters, one flash, my laptop, a portable hard drive and a tripod.  YES!  I travel with my tripod!  I meet so many photographers who give up on the BEST thing that will help their photography when they travel.  A TRIPOD!  I use a nice Gitzo carbon fiber tripod with a Really Right Stuff BH-55 quick release latch on it.  I pack it in my suitcase and pack my clothing and other things around it.  My camera gear goes in a nice medium Lowe Pro bag which will also hold my laptop.