Photographing Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge

Mike Jensen Kansas, Kansas City, Photography In Winter

Through a church connection I took an early December trip to Squaw Creek  National Wildlife Refuge, a winter stopover point for hundreds of thousands of water fowl and birds during the Winter months of Nov/Dec.

I was familiar with photographing wildlife refuges from previous trips to refuges in Oregon and New Mexico.  Now, I’m not necessarily a “wildlife” photographer but if a hundred thousand snow geese are going to perform in front of my camera, I’m going to be clicking!

The delightful surprise was the amazing landscape shots I got while also shooting  the “blast off” of birds in the area at sunrise.

Click on the images above to see them larger.

As you can see, the refuge offers a great variety of image possibilities for both the wildlife photographer and the landscape photographer. We saw dozens of types of waterfowl and birds on our trip, and I think the area offers year round landscape possibilities. I see this as a tremendous workshop location in the future.