Photographing an Old Western Town

Mike Jensen New Mexico

Complete with a church, multiple stores and places of business, a saloon, Wells Fargo, hitching posts and even some tumbleweeds this western town had been the home to the filming of dozens of old and new western movies! I took advantage of this tremendous opportunity to add to my inventory of “really cool shots”.

Maroon Bells - Maroon Lake

Photographing Colorado in Autumn

Mike Jensen Autumn, Colorado

There really aren’t enough adjectives to describe the beauty of photographing Colorado in Autumn. Typically starting on the first official day of Autumn (this year Sept. 22nd) and going through mid October you are likely to encounter the most amazing swatches of yellow and orange God has painted upon the land.

New Mexico State Fair Rodeo

Mike Jensen Featured Photo Gallery, New Mexico, Rodeos

We attended the New Mexico State Fair last night. The days events were culminated by the rodeo! This is the biggest secret in New Mexico right now! In two weeks hoards of people will come to Albuquerque to see the annual Balloon Fiesta but I’ve seen more people at the La Pine, Oregon Rodeo in the small town of La Pine, Oregon.