Mike_Jensen_PR_PhotoMike Jensen is a Lenexa, Kansas based Canon professional photographer & educator. Together with his wife Cindy, Mike has spent the last 15 years living in the Northwest and Southwest United States and traveling to many beautiful countries.

Mike Jensen Photography Blog is designed to be informative and educational so as to help photographers of all levels but specifically those on a growth and learning path.

Mike has taught a variety of classes at the collegiate level as well as conducted private workshops. Mike also lectures and gives public talks on photography and digital creation/editing.

Samples of Mike’s work are on exhibit at Images Art Gallery in Overland Park, KS and at MikeJensen.Photography.

Continuing with Mike’s desire to teach and educate, Mike has created Purposeful Photography, a website designed to help new and experienced photographers better their eye for the shoot and after as they begin to narrow their portfolio for exhibit. Purposeful Photography is helpful to photographers who want to learn how to shoot with a purpose.

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Shoot with a purpose

After decades of “taking pictures”, I started “shooting with a purpose” in a matter of weeks. The portfolio project concept made me a better photographer!Mike Jensen